Do Silent Protagonists Still Have a Place in Gaming?

Silent Protagonist Place in Gaming While playing Far Cry 5 I was really enjoying myself. The gameplay was fun, the world was beautiful, and I enjoyed taking back the map piece by piece. Then story moments would happen and I found myself unengaged. The reason? None of it seemed to matter. I’m going to stay […]

How I failed the Joker

*This blog contains spoilers for Season 1 & 2 of TellTales Batman* We were sitting at a cafe when it happened. My buddy John was telling me about a girl he liked, and he wanted to know how I thought he should show his affections. I told him he should be himself. Sadly for both […]

Battlefront 2’s Revamp and Why it Matters

November 17, 2017. That was the day EA officially launched Star Wars Battlefront 2. Even before its launch, however, Battlefront was being criticized for its pay to win loot crates. The gaming community was rife with discussions on ethics and where loot boxes constituted gambling. The government even threatened to intervene, with Hawaii State Legislator […]

Cupid Pull Back Your Bow

With Valentines Day upon us, it is time to delve into the top romances in video games. 1.Commander Shepard and Pretty Much Everyone-The romance flows free in Mass Effect and the partners seemingly endless. Part of the beauty of Mass Effects romances (excluding the original) is the sheer amount of choices you have. Who you […]

The West isn’t Dead. It’s Just Delayed

When Rockstar makes a move the entire gaming industry takes notice. I’m not sure if any other studios release has the cultural impact Rockstar’s Games do. When originally announced Red Dead Redemption 2 was scheduled for a spring 2018 release. Rockstar, ever the perfectionists, announced they will be delaying the release until October 26th, 2018. […]