Top Ten Games

With this being a video game blog where better to start than my own top ten games. Without further ado, here is my top 10 games, In no particular order

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Hyperstone Heist- this game on the Sega Genesis is probably the first game I ever finished. The Turtles craze of the early 90’s was in full swing and I beat this game over and over and over again. My siblings and I would compete to defeat the most foot soldiers, who could get the final hit on the boss, or who could get the pizzas first. Raphael for the win!

2. Pokémon Red– I’m a kid of the 90’s and if you were alive in the 90’s you know the craze that is Pokémon. I still remember that Christmas receiving my see-through purple Gameboy color and that beautiful red cartridge. Of course I chose Charmander, I needed to get Charzard. Now did this lead to some struggles because fire isn’t effective against rock and water, of course. But it built character. Did I spend way too long leveling up Gravler trying to make him a Golem, yes. Did I waste the master ball on a non legendary Pokémon, no I’m not that stupid.

3. Crash Warped– Crash was my childhood. Be it Wrath of Cortex, Crash Bash, CTR, or Warped I loved Crash Bandicoot. When your a kid you don’t have a lot of money and as such you reach and replay your films and games over and over. And there are few games I played more than Crash. Even when I wasn’t playing the game I would read the game booklet cover to cover. And while going back to the Insane Trilogy could never recapture the feeling of youth it is still a fun trip down memory lane.

4. Shining Force– Even though this game was on the Sega Genesis I first played it on the PC. I went into KB toys and purchased to Games for our computer- a Star Wars collection and Sega Smash Pack. If you would have told me my first RPG experience that would change my idea of what games could be would be on a disc I bought for Sonic I would have told you I was 8 and I don’t know you. I don’t know why, but I named my hero Jack and for a while Jack was my default hero name. Then Jak and Daxter came and it was the end of an era. But Shining Force was the first game to open my mind to how big and deep games could be.

5. Baldur’s Gate 2 Shadow of Amn– There are times in every gamers life when they lend a helping hand. An unnamed coworker of my step mother learned I was a big Shining Force fan. And he gave her Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate 2. Neverwinter couldn’t run on my PC but thankfully Baldur’s Gate did. If Shining Force opened my mind to the depth of games BG2 blew my mind right up. A compelling story, deep character interaction, and full of complex decisions making BG2 was and is incredible.

6. Kingdom Hearts– When you combine Disney with some sweet RPG mechanics and stellar gameplay you have a recipe I’m a fan of. My compliments to the chef. Visiting Disney worlds, battling Disney villains and heartless, and saving the heart of all worlds, it’s a franchise I’ve loved for a long time. I remember when I was moving from the PS2 to the 360 (because of the insane PS3 price point) my major regret was I wouldn’t be able to play Kingdom Hearts III. How silly I was.

7. Oblivion/Skyrim/Fallout– This may be considered cheating, but it’s my list god darn it. And if we are being honest here while the window dressing is different the core gameplay and mechanics are pretty similar. Bethesda is one of my favorite studios and I love the work they are putting out. If you made me choose one from each I’d choose Oblivion and Fallout 3. These massive open worlds are magical as each location you visit has a story, and an interesting one at that. Whether it’s The Elder Scrolls feeling that you were the first person to find this place or Fallout’s feeling of stepping into a world with so much history it’s a feeling unmatched in games.

8. Bioshock– No Gods or Kings Only Man. Is there any setting as beloved as Rapture? Is there any world as engrossing as Bioshock? Probably. If I’m not being hyperbolic about this. But that doesn’t take away how incredible this game is. I avoided Bioshock when it came out because I didn’t like spookem games. Considering it’s place in my top ten games of all times you can see how much I would regret that decision. And epic setting, compelling characters, and an atmosphere unlike any other Bioshock is a classic game that makes you questions your role as a gamer. Now would you kindly read the next entry.

9. Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt– the newest game on my list, but no less special because of it. What I loved about this game is its unrelenting commitment to the story. Under the guise of high fantasy it is able to delve into heavy themes that are relevant in today’s culture. Add one of the largest and stunning open worlds of all time and you have a can’t miss masterpiece.

10. Mass Effect Trilogy– Probably my favorite franchise of all time. Never before has a franchise built on decisions from game to game. There isn’t a deeper more diverse roster of characters. You can develop real bonds with your crew-mates. Every decisions you make paints your own unique picture. Who will you side with, who will you save, and who will you love? The story of Mass Effect isn’t just one of the best stories in games but one of the best stories period. If you haven’t played this game you’re missing out.

So that’s my top ten games. Share your list and your thoughts on mine. Until next time this is the Bypartisan Gamer Chuck signing off.

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