Most Anticipated Games of 2018

2017 was one of the best gaming years in recent memory. I truly believe many of the games released last year will be remembered as classics. But 2017 is dead and gone, and it’s time to look ahead to 2018. These our the Top Ten Games I’m looking forward to in 2018.

Before we get going, some honorable mentions to Shadow of the Colossus, Detroit Become Human, Metro Exodus, Days Gone, and Darksiders 3. As an aside, if Anthem hadn’t been delayed, and if I believed Last of Us Part 2 was coming out in 2018, they’d be on the list.

  1. Telltales The Walking Dead Season 4– Walking Dead Season 1 was special. Season 2 was great. Season 3 was fine. Michonne was a thing that happened. But now is time for Clementine’s story to end. While the overexposure to Telltale’s engine has led to franchise fatigue, I am still hopeful they can give Clem and the wonderful world they have created a proper send off.
  2. Biomutant– This is a game I’m interested in purely based on esthetics. When I first saw the trailer, it caught my eye and stuck with me. It looks like an old school platformer crossed with Dark Souls combat. You’re a bad ass looking raccoon creature who can be modified with mutations or cybernetic upgrades. These seem to change the combat and give you the opportunity to find the perfect combat style for you.
  3. Kingdom Come Deliverance– Another game I learned about late in the game (I refuse to apologize for puns). Kingdom Come Deliverance has the potential to be one of the biggest surprises or biggest disappointments. On paper it looks like a perfect game for me. A Witcher 3-like world but set in the real world. The gameplay is complex, and the world feels like a living breathing place. One of the big criticisms of open worlds in games is, “I need to save the world but I’m collecting flowers for this old lady”. Not so with KCD. If you don’t follow through on quests, they will resolve with or without you. You have to choose what’s important to you. And I for one, cannot wait.
  4. Ori and The Will of the Wisps– Ori and The Blind Forest was an under-appreciated classic. A stunning art direction blended with classic Metroidvania gameplay made for a compelling package. If this sequel is only half as good as the original, it will still be one of the best games of the year.
  5. Far Cry 5– A series that admittedly peaked with Far Cry 3, I am still very much looking forward to Far Cry 5. This time set in Montana, the game has a real chance to make a strong political statement about the Far Right movement in the United States. It probably won’t, but still, blowing up a grizzly bear with some TNT should be pretty fun.
  6. A Way Out– My fiancé is not a big gamer,but she will do some co-op with me from time to time. This co-op driven prison escape is definitely one we’ll be playing. If it can live up to its promise as a truly immersive co-op experience, then it will be something special indeed.
  7. God of War– OMG (There is some debate if this is a pun, but I’m counting it) does this game look sweet. This will be my first time playing a God of War game, but man I’m excited. Not only does the combat look fun, but the story finally has an emotional core the others lacked: a father-son relationship. If War is hell, I’ll see you all there. (Pun. Maybe?)
  8. Marvel’s Spiderman– Seemingly gone are the days of lazy Activision Spider Man Games. Now in the hands of Insomniac Games, the developers behind criminally underrated Sunset Overdrive, I am very excited for this one. If they can combine the excellent traversal system of Sunset Overdrive with a compelling Peter Parker story, man, it’ll be Too Sweet.
  9. Kingdom Hearts 3– Look I’m not sure if this game is coming out this year, but if it doesn’t, I don’t understand what’s happening with this game. I remember way back in the early 360/PS3 days worrying I’d miss out on KH3 because I went the 360 route. Nearly 10 years later,and it’s still not out. What we’ve seen has looked great, and I’ve loved the story and world, but I won’t believe this game is coming out until it’s in my console.
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2– Could it be anything else? GTA in the Wild West is a lazy comparison and doesn’t convey how truly special RDR was. Rockstar are the rockstars (Punny Punny Punny Punny…. Punny) of the Gaming industry. This game will be fantastic. You can’t miss this one.

And that’s the list of my most anticipated games of 2018. Let me know your thoughts and if I missed anything, let me know. Once again, this is the Bypartisan Gamer, Chuck signing off.

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