Xbox is playing Monopoly

Rumor has it Xbox is looking to make some big time moves to really shake up the Industry. Apparently they are interested in acquiring Valve, PUBG Corp, and EA.

Here is a Little background on these studios.

Valve: publishers of Portal, Team Fortress, Half Life, Left 4 Dead, DOTA, and Counter Strike as well as owner of Steam the most popular PC Digital Distribution platform.

PUBG Corp- Player Unkonwn‘s Battle Grounds has taken the gaming world by storm being the most concurrent players on steam ever and currently exclusive on the console side to the Xbox.

EA- Electronic Arts is a juggernaut of the gaming industry with such titles as Dragon Age, Titan Fall, Mass Effect, FIFA, Madden, Dead Space, Battlefield, Burnout, Fight Night, Need for Speed, NHL, and the Sims. Let’s also not forget they are a few years into there 10 year exclusivity deal to make Star Wars games.

Any of these purchases would irrevocably change the gaming industry as we know it. We know from passed experience when Xbox bought Mojang, for 2.5 Billion, they aren’t afraid for of letting there properties be on other platforms. You can still getMineCraft pretty much every where.

It’s hard to imagine that Xbox would spend the money to buy out EA and not make them platform exclusive. On of the biggest issues facing Xbox right now and the reason, in my opinion, they are so far behind PlayStation is exclusives. If both systems can play a mostly identical library your either going to where your friends play or whichever one has more exclusives that speak to you. Considering the sheer amount of exclusives PlayStation has it’s hard not to choose PlayStation.

With the Purchase of EA however, Microsoft instantly changes the narrative. Gone is the lackluster exclusivity and gone is the lack of studios to develop new IP.

Let’s also not forget PUBG is probably the hottest game going. Already 4 million players have played PUBG in barely a month on the Xbox market. Locking that away from PlayStation is a big win for Xbox.

I am not a big PC gamers but even I know purchasing Valve would be huge.

Any of these purchases would be a big get for Xbox and change the industry as we know it. As shown recently with Game Pass Xbox is not afraid to do just that.

Let’s see what happens next.

Let me know your thoughts below or on twitter @bypartisangamer.

Once again this is The Bypartisan Gamer Chuck signing off.

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