The West isn’t Dead. It’s Just Delayed

When Rockstar makes a move the entire gaming industry takes notice. I’m not sure if any other studios release has the cultural impact Rockstar’s Games do. When originally announced Red Dead Redemption 2 was scheduled for a spring 2018 release. Rockstar, ever the perfectionists, announced they will be delaying the release until October 26th, 2018. They say it’s for polishing up the game. I say take as long as you need to make the game as great as possible. The issue? Well, this suck for everyone else in the release window.

Imagine hype is like a fire. Like any fire, it needs some oxygen. Now let’s say you’re a little fire pit and you just need just a little bit of oxygen hype. You spent time cultivating some fuel and finding the perfect time to set you fire aflame. Just before you strike the match, however, an erupting volcano appears taking up all the oxygen. There’s only one thing to do. Flee.

Red Dead is going to suck up all the attention from the media and gamers. If you don’t want your game to be dead on arrival you have to stay far away from it. There are countless examples of great games missing the mark because of more anticipated games releasing in the same window.

Just recently Wolfenstein 2 was released the same day as Assassins Creed Origins and Mario Odyssey. While it has received critical acclaim from media outlets, it doesn’t appear to have had as much appeal to the average gamer. This may be due to the “controversy” behind its ‘Punch a Nazi’ campaign, but more overwhelming in my opinion is the release of two juggernauts of gaming in Assassins Creed and Mario. Couple that with the release of Stranger Things season 2 and you have a recipe for a game being 50% off a month or so after it’s release.

A year before that we had the release of Metal Gear Solid 5. Another game that’s hype levels were off the charts and had gamers chomping at the bit to play. Lost in the shuffle of this games wake; Mad Max. Now here was a game that checked a lot of boxes. A fun a beautiful open world, check. A compelling storyline, check. And interesting car combat system, check. I truly believe if given a chance to breathe outside of the release window Mad Max would be a sleeper hit much akin to Dying Light.

There are many examples of this. Titan Fall 2, one of the best shooter campaigns, being drowned out by Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Overwatch completely killing Battle Born. Heck even Rise of the Tomb Raider was caught in the fallout of Fallout 4 (pun!)

RDR2 is a game I couldn’t be more excited for as a gamer. I hope for the sake of the other developers the cross the week of the 26th off their lists.

What do you think let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @bypartisangamer.

Till next time this is The Bypartisan Gamer Chuck signing off.

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