Super Bowl 52: 52 facts about the game

I am a Gamer first an foremost. But I am also a lifelong Eagles Fan. As such this is 52 fun facts about Super Bowl 52!

52 fun facts about the game last night:

1. It had the most offensive yards in any game ever (1,151)

2. It is the second highest scoring Super Bowl Ever (74)

3. The highest is 75 between The 49ers and Chargers (49-26)

4. The Patriots scored the most points ever by a losing team in the Super Bowl (33)

5. Nick Foles is the only player to ever catch and throw a TD in the Super Bowl

6. The NFC East is now the first division in the NFL where each team has won the Super Bowl

7. Tom Brady’s career playoff rating is 90.9.

8. Nick Foles is 113.2

9. Nick Foles Super Bowl Receiving TD’s 1

10. Tom Brady: 0

11. The play was dubbed the Philly Special by Doug Pederson

12. Doug Pederson balls are both big and made of brass

13. There was only one sack in the Super Bowl. Can’t remember when it happened though 🤔

14. There were back to back Super Bowl winners this year. Both LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long played for the Patriots last year.

15. They are the first players to do this since Dion Sanders in 1995. He won with the 49ers in 94’ and The Cowboys in 95’

16. After 12 long seasons, Brent Celek has won a world title. He is the longest-tenured Eagles player having been on the team his entire NFL career.

17. Philadelphia is the 20th franchise to win a Super Bowl. 12 remain winless

18. They are the Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons, and Carolina Panthers.

19. Four of the teams have never even made it to a Super Bowl: Texans, Lions, Jaguars, and Browns.

20. Speaking of the Browns they are a whopping 1-31 since passing on Carson Wentz who they did not view as a top 20 QB

21. Is this worse than the Vikings and Bills however we have been to four Super Bowls, each, and have one none

22. The Patriots scored 3 points in the 1st quarter. That is the first score in the 1st quarter for the Patriots in there 8 Super Bowl appearances.

23. Brady is the oldest player to start a Super Bowl

24. He is the oldest MVP winner as well.

25. In his 17 years as a starter, this is his only season to start and end with a loss. (Chiefs\Eagles)

26. Brady and Gronkowski have tied Montana and Rice’s Super Bowl TD record at 12.

27. Gronkowski is tied for second, with John Stallworth, in postseason receiving TDs at 12. Only Jerry Rice has more with 22.

28. 3 Patriots eclipsed a 100 receiving yards in the Super Bowl. Gronkowski (116), Amendola (152), and Hogan (128).

29. With Corey Clements 100 yard receiving game this is also the first Super Bowl with four separate 100-yard receivers

30. Despite Gronkowski’s 116 yards of offense only 9 of them came in the first half.

31. This is the first Super Bowl were people were really hoping for *NSYNC and they did not appear

q 32. The Eagles will be skipping the White House trip as the entire team has decided to pass on the invitation.

33. The Eagles are the fourth team to win a Super Bowl after posting a losing record the year before (7-9). They join the Patriots in 2001 (5-11), the Rams in 1999 (4-12), and 49ers in 1981 (6-10)

34. The Patriots are the first team to have 600 yards of offense and lose.

35. Foles is the 10th QB to win the Super Bowl after not starting the season.

36. Foles is the 28th QB to win Super Bowl MVP

37. It had the worst ratings since 2009

38. Brady left the field without shaking Foles hand as is custom

39. A member of the 2012 QB class has started 3 Super Bowls for a record of 2-1

40. They are Russell Wilson (1-1) and Foles (1-0)

41. This class also includes Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Tannehill.

42. Brock Osweiler, also form be 2012 QB class, has won a Super Bowl with the Broncos but he was a backup to Payton Manning.

43. The two teams combined for a record 4 missed extra point attempts (1 missed kick for each team and two failed two-point tries for the Eagles)

44. The Patriots lost despite never having to punt the only team to not punt in the Super Bowl.

45. The Eagles only punted once making it the lowest punt total in Super Bowl history at 1

46. It also was the lowest Sack count in Super Bowl history at 1

47. The Patriots were penalized once the Eagles six times

48. The Patriots were only flagged 6 times in their playoff run. There opponents 22.

49. Brian Dawkins learned this weekend that not only will be a Hall of Famer he will also receive a ring for being a member of the Eagles front office.

50. John Dorenbos who was the longtime Eagles long snapper was traded to the Saints this offseason. The trade was voided however after discovering a rare heart defect that required immediate surgery and forced his retirement. Despite this, he will receive a ring for his contributions to the team

51. Jerome Brown tragically lost his life in an auto accident in 1992. The inspired the Bring it Home for Jerome movement. The Eagles didn’t succeed that year. They did, however, win on February 4th which just happens to be his Birthday.

52. Finally, the Eagles are Champions of the World.

That’s the list. Let me know if you had any thoughts on the game. Until next time this is The Bypartisan Gamer Chuck singing off.

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