Cupid Pull Back Your Bow

With Valentines Day upon us, it is time to delve into the top romances in video games.

1.Commander Shepard and Pretty Much Everyone-The romance flows free in Mass Effect and the partners seemingly endless. Part of the beauty of Mass Effects romances (excluding the original) is the sheer amount of choices you have. Who you fall for is almost as important as saving the galaxy and no matter who you choose it will be something special. My main when I’m Paragon is Liara and when I’m a Renegade Miranda. Who did you choose to share the end of the galaxy with?

2.Geralt and Triss- At this point the romance in the Witcher series is legendary. There are many side pieces Geralt can mess around with. Even Yennifer, a long lost love of the past, is a fine option. But we all know Triss is the right choice here. With every interaction of the 100 hours plus of gameplay you just feel the vibe of them belonging together. Don’t be the monster who tears them apart.

3.Sora and Riku- You can claim all you like about how Kairi is Sora’s main boo. But come on. She spends half the franchise as a plot device/damsel in distress. The true emotional bond is the brotherly love between Sora and Riku and the hint of something more. Don’t believe me? Google some fan art at your own risk.

4. John Marston and Abigail Marston– When it comes to his family John Marston never strays. Everything he does is working toward reuniting with his family and living the life together they always dreamed of. When propositioned by ladies of the night John informs them of his marriage. Even when he forms a close bond with Bonnie MacFarlane he never hesitates. This is a man dedicated to providing a better life for his wife and child. And when they finally do meet up together you can feel the bond they share.

5. Hero of Feraldan and Morrigan – Like Mass Effect before it, Dragon Age has many possible romances. But there is one correct romance to choose. The mysterious Morrigan. You don’t always know her true intentions you don’t always know her thoughts but you always know she loves you. And at the end of the day what more can you ask for.

There you have it. Top 5 romances in gaming. Let me know what you think in the comments below or on twitter @bypartisangamer on Twitter. Till next time this is The Bypartisan Gamer Chuck signing off.

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