The Evil Micro Galactic Empire

Guess who’s back, back again? MicroTransactions are back. Tell a friend. That’s right, EA has announced they are bringing back MicroTransactions in the next few months to Star Wars Battlefront 2. A few days before it’s release, back in December, due to fan outcry, EA pulled MicroTransactions out of the game. What they did not […]

Xbox is playing Monopoly

Rumor has it Xbox is looking to make some big time moves to really shake up the Industry. Apparently they are interested in acquiring Valve, PUBG Corp, and EA. Here is a Little background on these studios. Valve: publishers of Portal, Team Fortress, Half Life, Left 4 Dead, DOTA, and Counter Strike as well as […]

Should Gamers Pass on Game Pass?

Recently Xbox has announced that all new Xbox exclusives will be available day and date with Xbox’s Game Pass. So what does that mean? Well, for $9.99 a month, you will have access to a digital games library of over 100 titles. When Xbox exclusives are released (such as Gears of War 5, Halo 6, […]

Video Game Royal Rumble

With the Royal Rumble airing tonight what better way to commemorate the occasion than a 30 video game characters Battle Royale. Ten of the best characters from each brand (Sony, Xbox, Nintendo) will compete for the title of: MOST EPIC GAME CHARACTER EVER OF THE UNIVERSE CHAMPION!!!! Entry Number 1: Toad Entry Number 2: Sack […]

Most Anticipated Games of 2018

2017 was one of the best gaming years in recent memory. I truly believe many of the games released last year will be remembered as classics. But 2017 is dead and gone, and it’s time to look ahead to 2018. These our the Top Ten Games I’m looking forward to in 2018. Before we get […]

Top Ten Games

With this being a video game blog where better to start than my own top ten games. Without further ado, here is my top 10 games, In no particular order 1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Hyperstone Heist- this game on the Sega Genesis is probably the first game I ever finished. The Turtles […]

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Recently I started a video game podcast, called Bypartisan Gaming. It’s a journey that I have greatly enjoyed and appreciate all of you have gone on this ride with me. Every journey is ultimately a culmination of many steps and this is the next step in my personal journey. My ultimate […]